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Très bon jeu ! Addictif

Trivia Crack Review

Great game honestly, doesnt take too long and great to play 2-3 times a day. The ads however are pretty annoying.

Game is closing after the last update

The is closing after the last update.

This game has a ridiculous amount of ads

This game used to be very cool, now it is just a ton of ads that bothers so much while playing!

Became awful

I played this game a bit ago and it was good, now.. they seem desperate for ads and a suitable way of getting money.

The Game is super enjoyable but random matches are a fail

The game is entertaining and educating and is fun to play. When i do random match ups though i get matched with players that are a level 447 eg and i am a 35. that should be fixed but other than that its nice ??

General theme: the US

The general theme of this game is the US, which makes it difficult for people who dont know every 80s show or every NFL player from the last 20 years. Also, the concept is stolen from trivial pursuit. Not worth downloading.



Good but

Great game but just started crashing ever time I log on

Sound control?

I cant turn the sound was better before you started with the large ads. Every time I update I have to go and turn sound off, now it wont turn off. Id like to play without the sound effects.

New video feature annoying

It was a great game but they now show screens with the option of watching videos. Freaking annoying and slowing things down. Preferred the simpler version.

No Valentines Day cards

I did the update and dont have access to the Valentines Day cards

Free spins

Way too many "get a boost" & "second chance" spins. Very annoying

Where is the Valentines machine?

I can see the new cards available in my album but when I click to Get More Cards, there is no machine with the valentines cards.

Annoying boost popups

Please remove the annoying boost video popups before each question! It is really annoying and ruins the whole experience!

Used To Be Great

No, I do not want to watch a video for a stupid powerup, nor for a silly second chance. I just want to play the damn game.

Cant turn off Sound, Vibrate, etc.

In what seems a deliberate annoyance, the settings do not save. Leaving the super annoying sounds, vibrations, etc. All this long wait time as well between games with long adds - really, do you suppose we will be more likely to act on the adds if one is annoyed longer? The negative comments about the sound has been there for a good while by most users. As one who is listening to music while playing game, these sounds are a true deterrent to play the game. There is a large opening in taking a good portion of the app business away by doing a trivia app that addresses the users concerns...

Everybody is right

Great game. Bad ads. I dont mind ads - Im playing for free, they have to make money. BUT we should be able to close an ad after it plays not be unavoidably directed to a website or App Store.


Game use to be enjoyable. The ads are ridiculous as well as the boost up ads. Time to move on and delete this

Are you retarded?

I could barely stand the ads already and now we have ads for EVERY answer we get wrong AND right? Holy. Im out see ya nerds.

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