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My husband and i play all the time even though the questions are very repetitive.

Trivia Crack

I really enjoy your game but I am frustrated that we werent able to extend buying on the Valentines machine like we have been able to do with every other machine. Also are the cards we missed getting ever going to transfer over to the other ridiculously expensive machine? Also it would be nice if there was a way to turn off the option of buying a second chance. I never want to do that so it would be nice to not get asked every single time. I do love your game though. Thanks for all your hard work.

Great way to pass the time

I like that the questions are all new. I didnt get a lot of repeated questions. Good job with the variety of questions.

Its ok

I like to game but I think the are cheaters the way that you completely have a diamond that you use to buy cards but they continually give you the same cards over and over again. I think thats crap

Trivia rush

Every time I try and view the answers from Trivia Rush, they display for 2 seconds and then goes back to the original screen.

Better than...

Better than a Trump presidency.

Way to many adds

This game has way to many adds and glitches all the time I hate it.

The Blonde Wonder

In the year that Ive been playing this game it has gone downhill. I honestly feel like nobody is vetting these questions. The grammar & syntax errors are beyond annoying. Many of the ?s now sound like theyre straight out of the mouth of a first grader. Not good Trivia Crack--Way too many wrong answers. Not as fun as it used to be.

Overall, Excellent App

Besides some oddly phrased & repeat questions, this app is great. Ease-of-use & simple layout make this a overall gem.

Brain working

I love playing this game, gets my brain working ?

Not as competitive now

The coins, cards, and watch a video give too many second chances, making this game less competitive than the original version was. Games used to last 7 - 11 rounds, but now only 1-3. If you dont get all characters quickly, opponents with a load of second chances will surely beat you. Also, stats are skewed by these second chances. If you get a category question wrong at first, but get it right on a second chance or new question (watch a video), it doesnt count against your %. In short, I prefer the original version- it was more competitive.

Disgusting ads!! Apple should ban them!!

The ads that this game displays is a disgrace to women and makes men like me feel uncomfortable. They requested that I send them screenshots of the ads that market sex with girls. After I did, they said, "Sorry that you disagree with our ads." Theyve done nothing about it. Seeing girls in scanty clothing and an advertisement that says how angry these girls fathers would be if they knew what they were doing," is awful. Apple should ban their apps!


Dont get me wrong, its a amazing game! The problems come with the disconnects and my game randomly switching languages! How can I enjoy a game I cannot play? So yeah lots of improvements can be made.

I love trivia

This game is addicting


Love the app! But it needs some changes. Make it a possibility to change your icon (example- from paintbrush face to hector face) And loose the lives! At least let us have more! Also, make it so you ca play friends without Facebook! Just please do it. It will make the app better! I would give it five stars but I will when you do it.


Fun game, except for the ads that pop up every 2 seconds, and the ads that pop up every 5 seconds, and the ads that pop up every 10 seconds, and the ads that pop up every second of your life. Too many ads. Otherwise love it.

Inappropriate ads

Thanks for the massively top heavy, braless, 15 year old looking chick advertisement claiming how naughty she is. SERIOUSLY??? Get some class

More Cards and Diamonds!

I wait forever to get enough diamonds so I can get new cards for my album, and all I ever end up with are cards I already have! What gives?

Poorly done

Tried watching an ad that showed up mid turn and it timmed out my turn. If they cant do that right I wouldnt be surprised if the app leaked personal data.

Please read

Ive had my questions for two years there still not in the game please fix it,still I love this game keep making more thank you.

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